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About Famagusta

Cyprus is divided into six districts, of which one of them is Famagusta. Its central city is named in the same way, and it is the historic port of the island. At present, the city is mainly under the control of the North Turkish Republic.

To understand how it works, it is good to know that there is a district administration by the Republic of Cyprus. This city sector has more than 40 thousand inhabitants and a cultural, historical, economic, and political relationship with the Republic of Cyprus.

From a geographical point of view, Cape Greco is one of the most outstanding sites, located on a promontory in the southeastern part of the district. This beautiful place is periodically visited by tourists, who turn to it to discover its natural beauty. Therefore, it is good to know that this sector is under protection, with unique birdlife and vegetation.

From one of the highest places on the cliff, you can see part of the cape and the sea. According to an ancient local story, this site is where the famous Ayia Napa sea monster inhabits.

According to the Statistical Service of Cyprus, the Famagusta district is divided into 90 communities, of which 8 are municipalities.

The architecture of Famagusta is like the rest of the island. Old residences are mixed with modern buildings, where steel and glass often make a visual game with stone. Yet, for many, the island's eclectic architecture is one of its best secrets. And that is why thousands of people have chosen Cyprus as the ideal place to spend their holidays and live.

For those who do not know Cyprus, it is simply a matter of dare to have the experience and get to see the island. Worth it.