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Limassol, Limassol

beds 2 beds
baths 2 baths
2 m2 150 m2


250 m2

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About Limassol

Akrotiri Bay is one of the most beautiful in Cyprus. And in this place is located the city of Limassol, one of the largest on the island. It is placed in the south of the country, remarkably close to Cabo Gata. Hundreds of years ago, the city was known as Neapolis, an essential port of the Byzantine Empire. Currently, Limassol has more than 200 thousand inhabitants, being the second most populous in Cyprus.

Thanks to its harbour's importance, Limassol has become one of the most famous shipping centres in the Mediterranean Sea. And it is not just about the commercial exchange: it is currently an essential pole in terms of tourism, trade, and services provision. Merchant ships and large cruise ships regularly visit the port of Limassol, generating a considerable exchange of currency.

But it is not all about numbers in Limassol. This beautiful city is characterized by its impressive buildings and cultural imprint, reflected in museums and world-renowned archaeological sites.

The history of this town is not awfully long compared to others on the island. It is said that the first settlements occurred in the Third Crusade after Ricardo Corazón de León devastated the city of Amatunte in a bloody situation in 1191.

At present, two areas of the Limassol port are distinguished: one new and one old. For centuries, the port of Famagusta was the most important in Cyprus. However, this has not been the case since 1974, with Limassol being the one with the most significant movement.

Thanks to its natural characteristics and works carried out, the port allows ships of more than 800 feet in size. The boats make their access through a channel almost 50 feet deep and more than 490 feet wide, sheltered by two wide breakwaters.