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About Paphos

Paphos is a world-famous town. Its beauty and its rhythm facing the Mediterranean Sea gives it a unique imprint. Many of its places are renowned for their history, culture, and tradition. Others are not so well known, but they are equally important and worth visiting.

One of them is Avakas Gorge, a geological formation highly sought after by mountaineers and trekkers. In addition to the strange rock formations, this place is characterized by a very particular flora. Another little-known place is Agios Neophytos Monastery, a place that, for many, has some similarities to Petra in Jordan. Finally, we also find among the little-explored places Lara Bay Turtle Conservation Station, a site facing the sea full of exotic animals and a very particular flora.

The little-known places always end up having a unique attraction for those who seek them. And that is what happens with those that we meet in our passage through Paphos. Beautiful places, full of stories and indescribable beauty.

This is how we have Saint Paul's Pillar, a lost church in the heart of the city of Paphos, with unique mosaics and indescribable beauty. It is remarkably close to the Tomb of the Kings, and it is a site worth visiting. Like Panagia Chrysopolitissa Church, a building of Byzantine origin also in the centre of the city.

This is Paphos, an ideal place to visit as a tourist and much better if one decides, one day, to choose it to live. Surrounding yourself with so much culture, history, tradition, along with the possibility of a pleasant life, is an unavoidable decision that any intelligent person can decide. It is just about that: closing your eyes for a moment, letting yourself be carried away by your senses and choosing a beautiful villa or studio and staying and living in the place where the Greek gods once lived their best stories.