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Famagusta, Paralimni

beds 3 beds
baths 2 baths
2 m2 200 m2


300 m2

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About Famagusta

Famagusta is a city that invites you to move back in time. Walking its streets is to take a trip through the history of Cyprus and find a prosperous past, nurtured by reminiscences of all kinds.

With its almost 50,000 inhabitants, Famagusta maintains features of a present past in every corner of the city. Its architecture is a mixture of the new with the old, and its walls act as dividing lines necessary to understand a little more of its history.

Today, the old walled city is under Muslim control, which is reminiscent of how historical fighting has continued over time. However, it is worth knowing that, during the Middle Ages, Famagusta occupied a central place in the Mediterranean Sea, with an essential port for Europe's trade with the Far East.

In the 14th century, Famagusta was among the most important cities in the world at that time. To learn a little about that history, we have a testimony of the numerous residences, museums and centuries-old ruins that silently explain how that past time was.

Today, Famagusta is a prominent city in the east of the island. Its main economic activities are tourism, education, and industrial production. In addition, tourism draws on historical and cultural topics to offer its visitors guaranteed entertainment.

Without a doubt, one of the highlights of the city is its wall. Its construction and structure cause enormous admiration among locals and strangers. In addition, there are historic buildings in the old town, admired by the thousands of tourists who visit the city each year. All these buildings are interspersed with properties that serve as residence for the inhabitants of the town. Thus, houses, villas, studios, and apartments are the different chosen options when settling in this beautiful city.