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Viotopo is the multi-language property marketplace of Cyprus, unique and useful for everyone, with a website that provides different services to users and visitors. In summary, the best platform for real estate you can find. It is designed explicitly with user-friendliness that makes advertising your property as simple as possible.

We are a team of Software Engineers with over 20 years experience in the Real Estate sector. Our success started with a major on-line property platform based in Spain - what's more, we have worked with local companies and transnational organisations where we have applied our expertise to make our tool the ultimate success factor for our users.

Why Viotopo?
Cyprus Real Estate

At viotopo, we know how to recognize the difference between those who are part of the market and those who make up our audience.

One of the advantages we offer is that we do not need to have offices in Nicosia to be part of the properties for sale and Cyprus investment ecosystem. We are in Paphos and everywhere, and we achieve this by applying the corresponding parameters based on what we offer to our clients through a high-quality website.

The platform is specifically designed with ease of use that makes advertising your property as simple as possible to display for any licensed Real Estate Agency and the public. In addition, we have data and analysis of the local real estate market to help make decisions about your real estate investment in commercial properties and luxurious properties, developed exclusively by viotopo.

Although it may not seem like it, this is the best time to participate in the Cyprus property market.

We even dare to say that there are many better investment opportunities than those that can be made in the stock market. Why? Quite simple: the prices of excellent properties are below their actual value. Various reports show that more than half of professional investors put their money into real estate in times of crisis as an excellent long-term investment. On viotopo, you will find the best estate in Cyprus properties with a couple of clicks.

We have virtual tours and 24/7 online viewing of your property with the latest 360 ° technology. You can see the rooms as if you were inside them.

We are constantly creating original content and resources that are then transformed into sales. This allows us to develop a bond of trust with our clients. In addition, we develop content with relevant information through surveys and research that will enable us to attract attention positively.

Things to Consider Before Investing in Cyprus Real Estate
Things to Consider Before Investing in Cyprus Real Estate

We focus on building lasting relationships with our community, which we reach through our social media and personally in a friendly and professional way.

We have data and analysis of the local real estate market to help you make decisions about your real estate investment, developed exclusively by viotopo.

We know our clients. And we know that renting a home is sometimes a difficult decision for anyone. For this reason, we have developed a platform that allows, with precision, to choose the property that best suits the interests of our clients. On our platform, you can access practical information in a friendly way.

You can also access data and analysis from the local real estate market to help you. In addition, we present local information and facilities around the property, providing more details of community users.