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viotopo® marketplace works in 10 different languages. We are improving our ranking fast enough for major real estate keywords across the world everyday.

All your properties are published in Cyprus, as well in the United Kingdom, China, Russia, Germany, Spain, Ireland, Poland, Italy, France, Israel, Switzerland, among others.

Things to Consider Before Investing in Cyprus Real Estate



Viotopo provides translations of your property details. This way multinational users can receive the right information in their own language.


Easy to use

The platform is specifically designed with user-friendliness that makes advertising your property as easy as possible.



We implement the latest cybersecurity rules through our spam-free platform. GDPR compliant


Insight Analytics

Analytics for client communication and engagement on your personal dashboard: views, clicks, messages, favourites, followers.


Convenient to Use

Mobile, tablet or desktop. Viotopo is available on any device. Advertise your property whenever, wherever you want.


Virtual Tours

A 24/7 online viewing of your property with the latest 360° technology. View the rooms as if you are standing in them.


Points of interest

We present local information and facilities around your property which gives more insight to the users about the community.


Market Data

Data and analytics on the local property market to assist decisions on your property investment, exclusively developed by viotopo.