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Step by Step Guide Using Loan Calculator Cyprus

Property Price

The property price is where the journey starts. How much does the property cost? This will be the total price of the prospective home. Looking for the property’s price is essential because that is where the mortgage calculation will begin.


How much do you have currently in your pocket? Deposit is the down payment you will make for the house. In Cyprus, the minimum deposit is 10% of the overall price. However, making a more significant deposit will reduce the amount of the loan and the interest you will pay in the future.

No of years

For how long should you settle the loan? The duration significantly impacts the monthly deposits you will be making. The duration can stretch from 15 to 20 and 30 years, or even more. More extended terms cause less monthly payments but give more interest at the end.

Interest Rate

The final tab is the borrowing rate. This is the percentage that the lender will add to the amount. It is essential to use the correct interest rate for accurate calculations. However, being an approximate calculation means your actual deposit can slightly vary from the results for other reasons. Considering the estimated value

Mortgage Payment vs.

Income Most of the time, the monthly mortgage payment should not exceed between 28 and 30% of your gross monthly income. This helps you make the payment comfortably without straining.

Other financial commitments

Other than the mortgage, you must have other expenses to consider. These include utilities, grocery shopping, a car loan, and whatever else.

Interest Rates

Contend with interest rate risk. Apart from the risk of interest rising, there is also the risk of it falling. It’s advisable to have a contingency plan before proceeding.

Emergency Savings

Have a rainy-day fund. Being a homeowner means there are more burdens to take; therefore, having a financial plan will help cushion you from sudden financial throws. The Loan Calculator Cyprus, will assist you in making your decision when it comes to buying your property. Operating along this form of affordability assessment will ensure you avoid impulsive decisions. Remember the aim is not to buy a home but to purchase a house that you can afford with ease.