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About Famagusta

Few cities turn out to be as attractive in Cyprus as Famagusta. Today, the town represents the Cypriot reality like few other cities with a particular past and intricately linked to history. Its port was famous in ancient times and an eternal reason for disputes. And these endless fights earned him the love and hatred of many. Who would have imagined that this love and this hatred would continue to be present in Famagusta and the 21st century?

At present, Famagusta is a prosperous city of 50 thousand inhabitants, where its citizens carry out their activities every day and develop with a very particular imprint. Its eclectic architecture is a great hallmark, where old buildings are mixed with modern buildings, all guarded by a wall that remains unscathed over time.

The city still preserves features of a not-too-distant past, something that tourists seek to discover as if they were hidden gems. The Famagusta fortifications are a series of defensive walls and other fortifications that surround the city. These thick walls were built in the 14th century, during the Lusignan reign of Cyprus. And to this day, they remain firm without acknowledging receipt of the passage of time. It is good to say that they were redesigned in the following centuries before the heavy attack of the Ottoman Empire in 1571. The fortifications held out for almost a year until they finally had to capitulate to the Ottomans.

Today, Famagusta is one of the most prosperous cities in the east of the island. Its economic activities are an unstoppable engine, and among them, tourism stands out. Its historic port is still one of the primary sources of income for the city, as it was a thousand years ago.