Ideal Location
  • 2000 Retail for sale in Kalavasos, Larnaca
  • 2000 Retail for sale in Kalavasos, Larnaca
  • 2000 Retail for sale in Kalavasos, Larnaca
  • 2000 Retail for sale in Kalavasos, Larnaca
  • 2000 Retail for sale in Kalavasos, Larnaca
  • 2000 Retail for sale in Kalavasos, Larnaca
  • 2000 Retail for sale in Kalavasos, Larnaca
  • 2000 Retail for sale in Kalavasos, Larnaca
  • 2000 Retail for sale in Kalavasos, Larnaca
  • 2000 Retail for sale in Kalavasos, Larnaca
  • 2000 Retail for sale in Kalavasos, Larnaca
  • 2000 Retail for sale in Kalavasos, Larnaca


Estimated Mortgage /mo
0 m2 2000 m2


20683 m2

On going agricultural business for

The farm produces mushrooms that are sold island wide to numerous companies, whole sellers and large Hypermarkets

The company has been producing mushrooms since 1991 and is known for its superior quality

A bank of solar panels to produce electricity has been installed recently to help with the electrical cost

The farm is on a main road and has great links to all the main cities of Cyprus.








Build Area:


Land Area:

20683 m2

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Airports near to the property
  • Larnaca International Airport - Διεθνές Αεροδρόμιο Λάρνακας
  • 39.34 kms
  • Paphos International Airport - Διεθνές Αεροδρόμιο Πάφου
  • 87.64 kms
Beaches near to the property
  • Kalymnos Beach - Παραλία Κάλυμνος
  • 6.07 kms
  • Governor's Beach - Παραλία Κυβερνήτη
  • 6.18 kms
  • Zygi Public Beach - Δημόσια Παραλία Ζυγί
  • 7.10 kms
  • Secret Paradise - Μυστικό Παράδεισο
  • 9.16 kms
  • Aras Black Beach - Αράs Μαύρη Παραλία
  • 9.75 kms
  • White & Rocky Beach - Λευκή & Βραχώδη Παραλία
  • 10.80 kms
  • Dog's Beach, Limassol - Παραλία Σκύλου, Λεμεσός
  • 10.91 kms
  • Svenja Inlet Beach - Παραλία Εισαγωγών Svenja
  • 13.19 kms
  • Maia Beach - Παραλία Μάγια
  • 13.97 kms
  • Aoratoi Beach - Παραλία Αορατόη
  • 14.38 kms
  • Parekklisia Beach - Παραλία Παρεκκλησιά
  • 15.17 kms
  • Amathounta Beach - Παραλία Αμαθούντα
  • 16.38 kms
  • Loures Beach - Παραλία Λουρές
  • 18.44 kms
  • Aphrodite Beach - Παραλία Αφροδίτη
  • 18.79 kms
  • Vouppa Beach  - Παραλία Βούππα
  • 19.11 kms
  • Akti Olympion B Beach - Blue Flag - Παραλία Ακτή Ολυμπίων Β - Γαλάζια Σημαία
  • 19.25 kms
  • Alaminos Beach - Παραλία Αλαμινός
  • 19.75 kms
  • Panagies Beach - Παραλία Παναγιές
  • 19.75 kms
  • Secret Paradise in Maroni - Μυστικός Παράδεισος στο Μαρώνι
  • 19.80 kms
  • Kalavasos Tenta Ruins - Ερείπια Καλαβασού Τέντα
  • 2.07 kms
  • Khirokitia Ruined Settlement - Χοιροκοιτία ερειπωμένος οικισμός
  • 7.30 kms
  • Louiza's Rock - Ο Βράχος της Λουίζας
  • 7.67 kms
  • White Rocks - Λευκά Πέτρες
  • 8.26 kms
  • White Stones - Λευκές Πέτρες
  • 9.60 kms
  • Ktima Christoudia Winery - Κτήμα Χριστούδια
  • 10.82 kms
  • Agios Minas Monastery - Μονή Αγίου Μηνά
  • 10.88 kms
  • Bee & Embroidery Museum - Μουσείο Μέλισσας & Κέντημα
  • 11.92 kms
  • Hadjiantonas Winery - Οινοποιείο Χατζηαντώνας
  • 11.95 kms
  • Local Eyhnological Museum - Τοπικό Εϋχνολογικό Μουσείο
  • 13.85 kms
  • Kellaki Park - Πάρκο Κελλάκη
  • 16.30 kms
  • Ancient Amathus Ruins - Αρχαία Ερείπια Αμαθού
  • 16.54 kms
  • Hellas Sat Space Center - Κέντρο Διαστημικού Χώρου Ελλάς
  • 16.68 kms
  • Koulas Fort - Φρούριο Κούλα
  • 17.30 kms
  • Klimonas Deposit - Κατάθεση Κλήμονα
  • 18.37 kms
  • Amathus Ruins - Ερείπια Αμαθούντα
  • 18.37 kms
  • Pareklisia Primary School - Δημοτικό Σχολείο Παρεκκλησίας
  • 14.45 kms
About Larnaca
For many, Larnaca is the gateway to Cyprus. With more than 75 thousand inhabitants, this city is the third most populated on the island. So why is it said to be the gateway to Cyprus? Basically, because it has the largest airport, located a few minutes south of the city. There, regional and international flights land and take off to Europe, the Middle East, and North Africa. We must not forget that we are talking about a strategically located airport in a central place on the Mediterranean Sea.

History tells us that this city was founded by the Phoenicians almost 4,000 years ago. Like many cities in Cyprus, Larnaca underwent various changes over the years. This was due to natural phenomena or issues specific to its inhabitants. We can say that until 50 years ago, Larnaca was a little-known place on the island. The Turkish invasion of 1974 led to the construction of its airport, and from there, its population developed rapidly.

At present, the city has been achieving a tourist identity that is growing little by little but steadily. It has many historical locations, which show the old style of the island. One of those places is the tomb of Lazarus, about which we refer in our post: Saint Lazarus from Judea to Larnaca (Read article Saint Lazarus from Judea to Larnaca ). Another site of interest is the famous Larnaca Castle, built at the end of the 12th century. This fortress is part of the city\'s boardwalk and is located next to the sea.

Larnaca offers a wide range of investment opportunities. In recent years, the Cyprus real estate industry has been looking to this location, which shows a wide variety of houses, villas, studios, and apartments to buy or rent. Cyprus marketplace is very dynamic, and in the long term, it is showing high-quality investment alternatives. And Larnaca is no exception. Even for those who think of commercial properties, given the proximity to the international airport.

A well-known real estate agent referred to Larnaca as a perfect place to live with the family. As it is not a properly tourist city, many see it as a good alternative for a quiet life, with all the comforts and conveniences of developed cities. This is undoubtedly one of the best-kept secrets in southern Cyprus.

As we said, Larnaca airport is the most important in Cyprus. Its name is Glafcos Clerides, in recognition of the Cypriot president between 1993 and 2003. This airport had a movement of 8,229,346 passengers (2019 ) Before the beginning of the Covid19 pandemic. A figure that had been growing since 2014. More than 30 airlines provided their services pre-pandemic—even two cargo flights a week to New York. But, as we well know, all of this has changed.

In any case, it is not only aeroplanes that fly to Larnaca. The famous lakes of Aliki, Orphani, Soros, and Spiro host huge colonies of colourful pink flamingos every year. This fantastic expression of mother nature brings bird watching fans to the lakes to enjoy the presence of up to 15,000 flamingos per season. Between November and March, its arrival occurs, captivating locals and strangers with its beauty, as we tell in our post: Flamingos in Larnaca (Read article Flamingos in Larnaca ).

The best time to observe flamingos and other birds is from the beginning of winter until spring. In those seasons, the lakes fill with seawater, receiving numerous migratory species. In summer, especially in the hottest months, the water evaporates, causing the salt to show different reflections on its surface.

As a picturesque fact, we find that the Kataklysmos Festival is held annually in Larnaca. It begins fifty days after Easter and has the peculiarity of dedicating itself to the celebration of Noah's salvation in the universal flood. Another reason to get closer to knowing this piece of culture and tradition is that Cyprus's island has.

Fox Realty

6, Georgiou Davari Street, 2024


License 344/E

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