Best places to find real estate investment opportunities

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Best places to find real estate investment opportunities

Many actions allow us to be well-positioned in the real estate market, making it easier for us to find clients. If you are a real estate agent and you want to be known, it is essential to follow some steps that will allow you to be better known in the Cyprus real estate world.

Communicate it to friends and family

The easiest thing is to start with our close relationships. They will be able to give the best references of what we do and help us stand out in the Cyprus marketplace. Word of mouth referrals is vital.

Participate in events

An excellent idea to stand out in the real estate industry is participating in events. Buying or selling a property in Cyprus requires a lot of lobbying and networking skills, which is why events offer a wide variety of possibilities to meet potential clients.

Social media

Social media is key to being successful at resale properties. Estate in Cyrpus moves a lot on the main networks, so it is crucial to have an activity that generates traffic. Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook are the most important for this type of action. The same goes for LinkedIn and MeetUp, among others.

Ads on social media

In addition to publishing on social networks, ads are crucial to disseminating what we sell and buy. It is essential to carry out these actions in the long term to know its behavior over time.

Create a website

The website is essential for success in the real estate market. Estate in Cyprus requires good tools and technology, especially in times of pandemic. A high-quality website is necessary to offer a wide range of properties, using the best technology available. Photographs, video, 360-degree views, information, texts, links, and much more are the elements that cannot be missing for us to achieve a high impact.

Hashtags and trends

Using hashtags wisely on social media is essential. Commercial properties need diffusion and engagement, and what better way to achieve this with good use of keywords.

Communication with owners

Properties for sale are everywhere. But it is vital to get in touch with the owners of these properties. It is essential to manage lists of owners who want to sell their houses or apartments. Good licensed estate agents know how to draw on these listings online, in newspapers, or through other real estate agencies.


Believe it or not, offering seminars on the real estate market will bring you closer to potential clients. Cyprus investment property market thrives on these activities, where issues related to the purchase and sale of properties are discussed. The same happens with the organization of conferences and events.


It is often dull, but for decades it has been a great way to contact potential clients. It is recommended that licensed real estate experts call their prospective clients for at least 30 minutes a day.

Check marriage announcements

An excellent opportunity to sell properties is knowing who gets married. And if it is about people with money, it is the opportunity to sell luxurious properties. For that, it is good to be aware of the links and commitments that occur. This can be a door that opens to great investments on the part of those interested.


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