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Cyprus real estate: the pros and cons of renters with pets

Cyprus real estate: the pros and cons of renters with pets

Many questions arise when renting our house. For now, there is an exceptional one that we are going to discuss in this article. Are we willing to rent our property to someone who has pets? And many properties in Cyprus allow it.

And this is because most people today have pets. In this universe, there is a wide range of animals: from small to exceptionally large. The property market is characterized by indicating if there is the possibility of staying with a pet or not. Cyprus marketplace is very particular, and here we will show you the pros and cons of doing it.

It all starts with a simple question that the real estate agent often asks: Do you have a pet? Let us go with the advantages:

  • Advantage
  • Letting tenants stay with their pets increases the number of requests we can receive.
  • Allowing pets on your property will undoubtedly increase commercial rental success.
  • Another advantage is that those who rent with pets are less likely to change ownership.
  • This generates long term contracts.
  • Another advantage has to do with advance deposits.
  • Believe it or not, these deposits include the pet that will enter the property.
  • This is especially important to avoid undesirable situations.
  • There is a lot of history in tenants who do not tell that they have pets and then enter them illegally.
  • Disadvantages
  • There is a wide variety of pets.
  • As much as one accepts pets on your property, some neighbours do not agree with these measures.
  • It is essential to take this detail into account.
  • Suppose we allow the entry of a pet that creates problems.
  • In that case, this can affect our behaviour in a consortium or neighbourhood and generate issues if we want to enter the resale properties market and sell our apartment.
  • Cleaning pets are essential.
  • Unpleasant odours can cause many inconveniences in the neighbourhood or the condominium.
  • There are plenty of investment opportunities that have been affected by poor handling of animal cleanliness.
  • Continuing in line with what was explained in the previous paragraph, animals are susceptible to causing damage, many of them irremediable.
  • In this context, it is critical to know what the pet will be and if it can be adapted to the property, you want to rent.
  • As a final message, we want to warn that it is always good to know the local laws.
  • There are offices in Nicosia and in major cities in Cyprus that handle pet legal issues.
  • Before renting a property, licensed estate agents must warn about local regulations to avoid surprises and unwanted moments.
  • There are regulations for all types of animals: cats, dogs, birds, and others.
  • Estate in Cyprus takes this issue and state laws even more seriously.
  • Some fines can be very onerous in case there is not good handling of the pets.
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