Eight things not covered by home buyers' insurance in Cyprus marketplace

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Eight things not covered by home buyers' insurance in Cyprus marketplace

In the Cyprus marketplace, as in any other, insurance advisers offer a wide range of high-quality coverage. However, we must bear in mind that there will always be situations where insurance is not going to protect us. This happens in the face of earthquakes or floods, impossible situations that can even lead us to lose everything.

Imagine that you were looking for luxurious properties, that you made an excellent investment, and that you finally bought a beautiful house in Ayia Napa, just a few meters from the ocean. But, beyond the recommendations that you receive from a licensed real estate agent, for now, know that you will not have any protection in the event of a tsunami or a flood.

For now, here are some recommendations that are always valid in the real estate industry when hiring insurance. First, remember to always prevent rather than cure when looking at investment opportunities.


To begin with, the important thing is to choose the location of the property well. For example, identify if the sea is close or rivers and lakes close to the house. In the Cyprus real estate world, this type of catastrophe is not included in conventional insurance. For now, think about whether it will be a long-term investment and from there decide what kind of insurance you are going to take out.

Sewer water

As with floods, sewers can cause irreversible problems, flooding our homes. There are various risks, which can be prevented by cleaning sewers, wells, drains, and any place where a lot of water can accumulate. Licensed estate agents offer insurance for these cases, but periodic cleaning may not be necessary.


Termites are a scourge on property in Cyprus world, as in other countries. A year's millions of dollars are paid in the property market by hiring people who handle different types of pests. There is insurance against termites (and other insects), which is often worth taking out. The experts offer a wide range of alternatives so that our house is free of animals capable of destroying the foundations without realizing it.

Mould and mildew

Along with the presence of water, the proliferation of fungi on the walls, ducts, and in different corners of the house is likely. It forms naturally, and in many cases, it is one of the nightmares of the resale properties market. In addition, it is an unavoidable health issue for the inhabitants of the house.

There is insurance for these cases, but it is best to prevent situations where mold and moisture can be generated.

Expenses for relocation of your property

Some situations or catastrophes can motivate you to leave your home for an extended period. It is even happening due to the Covid pandemic. In these cases, having additional insurance for relocation expenses is an advantage worth considering.


Cyprus has moderate volcanic and seismic activity. Anyway, tremors occur everywhere. In the case of the estate in Cyprus, there is accessible coverage for damage caused by earthquakes or earthquakes.


Believe it or not, your home pool may have additional insurance. The coverage is aimed at safety issues for children and structural reasons. Note that the swimming pool must have a fence. Regarding its care, ensure that it is not near trees that can break their structure with the growth of their roots. And remember: properties for sale are more valuable when sold with a pool if it has not been transformed into a pond full of aquatic animals.

Trampolines and trampolines

Trampolines and trampolines are one of the most excellent entertainments for the youngest (and the oldest). Unfortunately, its misuse can lead to minor or severe accidents. To avoid headaches, a good idea is to take out insurance and at the same time take precautions regarding the placement of a trampoline in our park. Perhaps installing other types of entertainment is more reasonable and less dangerous.

As elsewhere in the world, Cyprus investment offers top-notch insurance services. Therefore, it will simply try to identify the most suitable for our interests.

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