Exploring significant Cyprus' cities

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Exploring significant Cyprus' cities

Cyprus is an island that offers a wide range of investment opportunities. Either for rent or the purchase and sale of properties. Even if it is a vacation home or a top floor, real estate investments are varied.

We invite you to invest in Paphos. We find here many of the best holiday homes on the island. For sure, it is one of the most significant property markets in Cyprus. This city was elected European Capital of Culture in 2017 and is conducive to various real estate investment opportunities. If you have any concerns about this city and investment possibilities and title deeds, a real estate agent on our team can help you choose from a wide range of estates in different Paphos locations. Many of them located in Coral Bay, 11 kilometres north of the city.

The same thing happens in Nicosia. The pace of the capital city offers many investment opportunities and requires unique insight when planning. Property in Cyprus' prices may vary compared to other locations. It is good to know that there are many resale properties, and that opportunity is because many decide to leave the cities for a quieter life in less populated areas.

Continuing with our tour of the island, we invite you to discover Larnaca. Like Paphos and Nicosia, the estate in Larnaca offers a wide range of investment opportunities. As for the prices of the property, there is something for all tastes and styles. At 50 kilometres from Larnaca is Ayia Napa, one of the most exclusive resorts with several of Cyprus's best properties.

For its part, Limassol is one of the cities with less history on the island compared to the others. Equally, that does not diminish its importance: This is the second-largest city on the island. Estate in Limassol offers a wide range of investment opportunities of all kinds. Investments in real estate are the order of the day, with a wide range of real estate.

Famagusta is the city that completes this quintet of the main towns on the island. There we also find countless real estate investment opportunities, whether for vacation homes or business purposes. Buying a property in Famagusta is being part of the ancient history of the island. It is believed to have been founded by the Egyptian king Ptolemy II. Its political, social, and cultural power led it to be considered in the fourteenth century one of the wealthiest and most beautiful cities in the world.

As we well say, investment opportunities cover a wide range. When it comes to a house or a villa, we understand that the best options are close to the main tourist centres. At Viótopo, we have a team that perfectly understands property transfer fees and rates and legal fees, among other vital concepts when buying a property.

The same happens with high demand apartments for those who want to live in the centre of cities. Buying and selling property titles requires professional teams' support, and that is what we are here for. Our real estate agents are specialists in the real estate market, and they take care of each operation's transparency, whether it is rental, purchase or sale.

When buying a land plot, we suggest taking special care and protecting the property you wish to acquire. There is also a wide range of investment opportunities and property for sale. Still, it is essential to know about the property's rates, land registry, property tax, and its inheritance history and the legal context that implies it. There are many regulations that we have explained in different publications on our page and that we consider important to consider.

Similar conditions are found at the time of commercial investment. Cyprus is an island that offers many opportunities, but it is always good to take the precaution of being well advised. Without a doubt, the key is to have a serious real estate agent who knows the field. Clients should understand that this entails paying the corresponding legal fees, but nothing is safer than doing it with a professional and trustworthy real estate agent.


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