Finding a real estate agent in Cyprus to sell your home

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Finding a real estate agent in Cyprus to sell your home

The property does not sell itself. Although it seems like a joke (a bad one), this is so. Therefore, to sell our house or apartment, it is necessary to have the assistance of a licensed real estate agent. For now, the Cyprus real estate industry offers a wide variety of licensed estate agents alternatives at the time of listing our property for sale.

What is the initial role of a good agent to sell property in Cyprus? For now, be our ally when investigating in the Cyprus marketplace what are our best sales possibilities. An agent is an expert in properties for sale or resale properties, and therein lies the main benefit when hiring him. He will help us to maximize better the sale (or sales) we want to make.

To find the right agent, it is necessary to follow some evident and straightforward tips. We believe that it is the only way to be successful in the real estate market.

We should not confuse why we are looking for an agent. In this case, our focus has to be on the sale of our house. So, we will need someone who knows better than anyone what the investment opportunities of a property are. Among a wide range of qualities, we believe that the most important are the following:

• Someone who motivates us to find the best reasons to sell.
• A specialist in property quotes.
• A marketing professional with experience in commercial properties.
• A high-quality negotiator.

The search

When you sell a property, the advertisement is essential. Recently, the estate in Cyprus has been characterized by real estate agents who are very skilled in presenting good advertisements. For now, take your time to find the best one. Also, see publications of luxurious properties on the internet. Analyze the property market and compare styles. Even analyze the technology that agents use on their web pages. And even consider the quality of the photos they publish of the properties.

The communication

Licensed estate agents are very particular people (as we all are). As you get to know them, learn about their ways of communicating and explaining concepts. Cyprus investment world (Read article Invest in Cyprus) is characterized by having agents from different countries. Learn from them and see who you trust the most with.


Consider that it is highly likely that you are dealing with a long-term relationship. That being the case, check that the agents you are evaluating have their enabling licenses. This is key since it determines specific standards of behavior and understanding of a code of ethics.

The specialty

An estate agent usually has a specialty. Some focus their work on neighborhoods, others on economic segments, others only on significant investment, etc. This profile is relevant since specialization allows us to better adjust our interests without straying from the path that leads us to our sales goal. For now, it is good to make a list that includes:

• Type of property to be sold.
• Previous preparation of the property.
• Neighbourhood characteristics.
• Costs that must be incurred at the time of sale.
• Agent negotiation characteristics.
• Communicational conditions of the agent.
• Obtaining references and credentials from the agent.

An excellent first step is to search for references among acquaintances. This can be done by looking at what happens in the neighborhood of our house for sale, for example. In addition, the posters of the sellers of other properties will undoubtedly be indicative of the purposes of our objective.


Delving into obtaining references and credentials, it is essential to know that an agent has a license that is issued by a government authority. Thus, it is possible to check on a web page if the agent that interests us is authorized to carry out his work. Beyond the police role that this implies, it is better to do it than get a nasty surprise in the middle of a real estate transaction.

And something important: interview several agents. This will allow you to stick with the one that works best for you after the preliminary analysis. It is always better to have more options and to have the alternative of a discard. Also, never stop treating everyone interviewed as you would like to be treated. Just because you are selecting does not mean that you can treat people in any way.

Finally, we suggest following up on the procedures. This will let you know if your chosen agent can sell other properties that you own or want to market.


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