Here you have a wide range of home maintenance tips for new owners in Cyprus

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Here you have a wide range of home maintenance tips for new owners in Cyprus

The joy of buying your first home is inexplicable. It's about making a dream come true—either alone or with family. But a goal at last. A plan that is the beginning of something new, and like all innovation, requires a series of steps to follow.

For now, it is good to know that you must perform a series of care and maintenance on your new home. An excellent real estate agent will always suggest it to you when acquiring a property in Cyprus. It does not matter if it is a house, a villa, a studio, or an apartment. In all cases, you must take certain precautions.

In this list, we summarize the best maintenance tips based on the opinion of the most experienced licensed estate agents in the Cyprus marketplace.

1. Air conditioning system filters: it is essential to clean them well. In many newer properties, dust collects in the ducts, so good cleaning is vital.

2. Windows: newly installed windows may have minor cracks where air leaks through. A good job is to check their condition and apply a sealer where appropriate. Also, put weatherstripping if necessary. This will allow the environment to maintain the desired temperature for each occasion.

3. Moisture Tracking: it is very common for some type of moisture to accumulate in some areas of your new home. It is good to identify these sites to apply the corresponding measures and avoid mold and deterioration of walls, ceilings, and floors.

4. Roof covers: it is essential to know that roof covers and joints tend to dry out after the rainy season. So, for now, take advantage of this moment to apply a new sealant, which in the future will protect your home from unwanted humidity.

6. Exterior painting: painting the exterior of your home is not just about decoration: at the same time, it acts as a barrier against inclement weather. Consider doing periodic touch-ups. Even repaint the walls if necessary.

7. Bathrooms: many bathroom components need a tight seal. Over time, they dry out. That is why we suggest checking the bathtub and toilet, mainly. Performing regular maintenance will avoid costly repairs.

9. Gutters: the gutters are essential in the maintenance of our home. For now, review them periodically.

10. Sidewalks and driveways: the sidewalks and driveways on your property are often cracked and damaged depending on the weather and usage. It can even happen from the growth of weeds and grasses. Keep in mind to carry out periodic cleaning and appropriate repairs.

11. Clean the attic: many houses or apartments have attics, where dirt accumulates. Even, believe it or not, some animals or insects can take it as a home. A regular check is a key to keeping it clean and safe.

12. Pipeline Cleaning: properties always need some cleaning. This also applies to pipes, especially for villas or apartments of some age. If you don't, certain sediments can build up and eventually create a natural disaster due to water pressure. But, again, there are professional companies dedicated to this work, leaving their pipes as new.

13. Cleaning the appliances: if you bought a home with used instruments, be aware that many of them may need some revision or repair. For example, over time, refrigerators, dishwashers, and washing machines become damaged, and spare parts need to be changed.

14. Smoke detectors: they need to be checked periodically. Keep in mind that they are essential for the safety of your family and your property.

15. Utility Drawer: identify where you are and what your status is. Without a doubt, this site is your property's dashboard.

It seems like an extensive list, but they are unavoidable actions when buying a home.

When you buy your first home, the maintenance list can seem overwhelming. So, keep in mind that most of the actions on the list should be done once or twice a year. But, for now, know that they are necessary actions to keep your home in good condition for the long term.


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