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How to organize your move: here is your previous checklist

How to organize your move: here is your previous checklist

Suddenly a special day arrives, the moment of moving. Undoubtedly, a day that involves a lot of decisions and steps so that everything comes to fruition. In some cases, the process can be resolved in a matter of hours. In others, it may take a couple of days.

But, of course, everything will always depend on the number of things that we must move and the size of the property. You probably bought or rented a house on the Cyprus real estate market, with all the implied things. Be it a villa or an apartment. Even a commercial property.

Whatever the case, the important thing is to have a checklist and follow exact steps. As an estate agent who works a lot with us says, as a joke: "Cyprus houses can be big, what can't be bigger than the house we like is all we are going to put inside." A checklist that works Date: the day of the move must be determined precisely.

Moving companies are generally busiest on weekends. Also, the service is more expensive on weekends and holidays. So, it is essential to set an exact date and make your whole moving plan make sense based on that date. Budget: Determine a budget in the weeks leading up to the move.

Check that it does not have essential maturities and separate the expected money. Moving can be much more expensive than you might think. Price: Try to have several quotes from professional moving companies. Even if it is just about pickup and drop-off vans.

Check online for quotes and ask family and friends for recommendations. There is a wide range of companies, and it is best to do the job with a high and reasonable price for its service. Pets: moving is a race against the clock. Therefore, we suggest that you see in advance how you will do with your pets.

Then, on the day of the move, make sure that someone is taking care of them until they can be incorporated into the new home at an opportune moment. If you can take several days on this issue, please do so. Sort: Take advantage of the proximity of your move to sort your things. In addition, it is the opportune moment to sell or donate those things that you do not need anymore.

But, again, the best thing is to do it room by room, classifying what things we want to continue having and what not. Packaging: when packing things, it is best to have a system and an order. In addition, the corresponding labeling must be carried out for each of the boxes. Remember that packing takes time, so we suggest doing it weeks in advance, describing in a plan everything that is going to be stored, and leaving things in each room ready.

Boxes: can be bought in specialized houses. And they can also be obtained free of charge in supermarkets and general stores. The important thing is to collect them. And the same thing will always happen at last you will need many more boxes than you think.

Accounts and services: we suggest that you tell the electricity, telephone, internet, and any other service company about your move in advance. It is not a minor situation, especially in times when it is essential services. For example, internet service can be moved from one address to another simply by indicating your provider of the change and taking the corresponding router and modem with you. Clothes and shoes consider whether you have enough suitcases to store your clothes and shoes.

If not, try to keep your clothing in bags, inside boxes. You can start with those clothes that you wear extremely limited, especially those out of season. As for the shoes, make sure they are not on top of each other to scratch and break. We hope that our advice has been helpful.

Then, in another article, we will tell you the most important steps the day before and during the move.

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