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How to organize your move: the previous day checklist

How to organize your move: the previous day checklist

As we discussed in a previous post, you must be well organized to move. There is a lot to do before you get to the days leading up to move-in day. You must consider some unavoidable actions before the move: return the keys to the house owner, schedule a cleaning of the property that is about to be delivered or sold, and some other questions. With cleaning, keep in mind the same thing about your new property: whether it is to be returned clean or have to do the cleaning.

These cleanings must be carried out in-depth. It is essential to know that in a move, you need to assemble a team. If you are going to have the collaboration of your family (your wife and children, for example), know that you will need simultaneous help in the property you are leaving and in the house to which you are about to move. We suggest only one person in charge of all the actions, with the responsibility to check how the steps are developing.

If the distance between the two properties is exceptionally long, consider the attributes of the route. Know what the times of highest traffic are. Remember that in Cyprus everything is close, but not always. Also, if you are hiring a large truck, make sure that it can move without problems on the streets.

Even plan if there is a comfortable place for you to park. As recommended by one of our favorite real estate agents, take pictures of the furniture layout in the home of origin, and consider where you will put it in your new property. As for accessories, check with your moving company to provide protective plastics, films, and similar. Many people will come in and out of a move on a moving day while the furniture is being handled.

Have the foresight to cover the floors with cloths, especially in rooms that have carpets. The day before Move-in day includes a wide range of things to do. It will be an exceptionally long day, so consider your team's diet for that day.

Fruits, energy bars, and water are ideal. Even consider the moments of relaxation. Moving is incredibly stressful, and the most important thing is to be rested and with enough energy for everything that needs to be done. It helps to put together an outline of small objectives to be achieved during the day.

Remember to have the keys to your new house handy. And not only those of the main door but also those of the garage, internal doors, secondary entrances, and closets. It is widespread in a move that things are lost, and the last thing that should be lost are the keys. Know that handling appliance requires some care—especially refrigerators and similar equipment.

Remember to unplug them in time, so that it does not break down. Also, the same with television equipment, computers, and other equipment. Like the keys, have the rental contracts and especially the contract with the moving company handy. In these contracts, working is always indicated and some tips that will be useful to you.

Remember to make an inventory of all the boxes, putting labels of what you are adding in each of them. Also, keep these annotations in a notebook with the corresponding numbering. Make a special package with all those considered "important": documentation, checks, critical papers, phone chargers, keys, jewelry, and items that are useful for the move. These can be tape, screwdriver, pliers, hammers, scissors, flashlights, and other things.

Lastly, remember to go to bed early the day before you move. A good rest will be essential to face the moving day, which will be very demanding for you and your team.

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