Planning your spring flower garden

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Planning your spring flower garden

Very soon winter will begin to say goodbye. In the coming weeks, you will see that little by little the temperatures take off and the time to prepare the garden for spring will begin. It will be necessary to make modifications in terms of positions, care and irrigation of our plants, and other actions to consider.
There are many who lose sight of important things when preparing the garden with the winter end. The location of the plants is essential, especially since the sunlight begins to be greater each new day. Spring is one of the most grateful seasons for the garden. As the days go by, the temperature becomes more pleasant and the sun moments that can be enjoyed are greater.

At this time of the year, preparing the garden to have it great is one of the most satisfying tasks that can be done. After the harsh winter, you may find that some of your plants are not as expected, especially if you like the ones with flowers.
It is possible that winter has spoiled many of your garden areas, especially the seasonal plants. The first thing you must do is remove all the branches and dry leaves that you find and clean as much as possible. Pruning is also particularly important; you already know that the perfect time is during the vegetative stop of the plant or shrub you have.

Once you have done this exterior cleaning, the step is to fertilize the soil with a quality substrate, something vital for the plants to grow strong and vigorous. You will have to use different products depending on the kinds of plants you choose.
Think about the colours you intend for your garden and take note of the plants that will be part of it. Once you have done this, you must arrange them in the made areas and transplant them carefully, to achieve a perfect composition for the whole summer. It is important that the first irrigations are with plenty of water, so the land settles better.

The island of Cyprus is worldwide known for the variety of flowers that grow on it. It is said that in all its extension there are thousands of varieties of flora and flowers. The first flowers to bloom in spring are usually Oxalis pes-caprae, with its bright yellow flowers. These wildflowers add a particular splash of colour to the landscape in the early part of the year. Anemones also bloom in pale purple, white, red, and blue. Continuing with the natural flowers, should not be lost sight of the different species of orchids that bloom below. In this context, the main attention is the Cyprus jasmine, which is found everywhere and in different variants.
All this flowers revolution gave rise to the Cyprus aroma, very present in most women's perfumes, either in a protagonist way or in the secondary notes. It is a complex mix, which is very recognizable. For its composition, notes of storanch, oak moss, bergamot, patchouli, labdanum, and rockrose are employed, a mixture that was already used in times of the Roman Empire.

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