Seven ways to cut cooling costs this summer of your property in Cyprus


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Seven ways to cut cooling costs this summer of your property in Cyprus

Summer is synonymous with many things: vacations, rest, replacement, energy, free time, and heat. That is right: high temperatures are a common denominator of summer in Cyprus, leading us to have to consider some measures in our homes.

A real estate agent remarkably close to viótopo told us that it is essential to make simple decisions to counteract the heat in our homes. Furthermore, he tells us that there are a wide variety of ways to achieve this. For now, in addition to reaching a comfortable temperature, the critical thing is to lower energy consumption. Today, Cyprus real estate market considers a wide range of these issues when marketing properties for sale. Here are some tips that will save energy, money and have a great summer.

Check your air conditioning

One of the first things you need to do before summer starts is turn on your air conditioner. Along with this, do a check that allows us to determine if it is working correctly. If you notice that it is not working well, your air equipment is likely in need of a gas refill. The same happens with the filter, which must be cleaned. On the other hand, we take the opportunity to tell you that the idea is to make it work at 24C, which allows us to save energy efficiently by using it at that temperature. It is also good to know that if your computer is more than 10 years old, it may be an excellent time to buy a new one.

Use of ceiling fans

Believe it or not, a good ceiling fan keeps a room cool. Especially if your house or apartment is in a place with good drafts, something often happens near the sea. In addition, there is a relevant fact: with a fan, our skin dries as if we were facing a breeze, which allows our body temperature to drop several degrees.

Another way to save is by using several fans in a room since they generate an exchange of wind that produces a lot of well-being between them.


Nowadays, many developers are incorporating windows that generate a greenhouse effect in the rooms of the houses. The real estate industry understood the advantages and quickly adapted to this concept, offering a wide range of creative alternatives for all budgets.

The use of curtains type "blackout" is another good way to regulate the temperature of our homes. For now, to make the best use of energy savings from the curtains, it is good to keep them closed at the hottest times of the day, just getting up at night.

Plug and unplug

We often do not realize the high energy consumption that many appliances have simply because they are plugged in. For example, music players, televisions, computers, cell phones, and many other devices continue to consume electricity even though we are not using them. Likewise, this does not mean that you must be plugging in and unplugging equipment all the time, but it is good to keep in mind that some should not be plugged in all the time. Another suggestion: connect certain types of electronic equipment to a single outlet, with its respective voltage protector, and plug or unplug it according to the moment and use.


Certain types of insulation allow us to cool our homes in the summer and keep them warm in the winter. There are outstanding investment opportunities in materials that absorb cold or heat, installing it on the ceiling, walls, and floors.


The washing machine is one of the equipments that consume the most electricity. That said, good advice is to wash with partial loads, which allow you to consume less electricity and water, favoring the planet's conservation. Another tip is to wash clothes only in cold water, avoiding the use of hot water.

Window lock

As with automobiles, today, the sun can be blocked from the windows of houses with similar material. Thus, polarizing facilitates the generation of heat in winter and, at the same time, is a barrier from the sun in summer. This blocking, in addition, cancels the entry of ultraviolet rays, so harmful to humans.

Hopefully, these warnings are helpful. Cyprus marketplace has evolved a lot in recent years, and there is another awareness regarding energy consumption and resource management. By following these tips, you will spend better summers, with pleasant temperatures and taking care of the planet.

In the end, it is about saving money to buy a house (Read article How to save money to buy a house ) and how to save money with innovative energy management.

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