Solar panels on all Cyprus properties

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Solar panels on all Cyprus properties

Renewable energies are essential for the preservation of our planet. In this context, the European Union is destined to achieve carbon neutrality by 2050. Cyprus, as a state party to the EU, has the same commitment as all member countries. At present, less than 15% of the energy in Cyprus comes from renewable sources, with solar energy being the spearhead in this energy conversion.

The Cyprus marketplace has begun to take a unique look at this, developing a wide range of investment opportunities focused on renewable energies. This is how we find resale properties, villas, houses, and apartments adapting their energy systems with a noble look towards our planet.

There is a relevant fact. There is a subsidy of approximately 1,000 euros for installing photovoltaic panels in their properties. The real estate market took note of this, and this is how we found significant investment aimed at having a long-term look at energy. And, ideally, it happens. As a result, there is a wide variety of solar equipment that can be installed to lower costs and continue to have a positive outlook on the future of our planet.

It is good to know that more than 17 thousand properties have solar panels in Cyprus. Many are properties for sale, something that interests the Cyprus real estate world especially. We recently consulted a well-known real estate agent, and he commented with joy how he found more and more luxurious properties with electricity systems from renewable energies.

In the European Union, there is an agreement called the "Green Pact", which has specific priorities on the sustainability of the economy from renewable energies. There is a relevant fact: Cyprus offers a large amount of solar irradiation, which allows us to look forward to optimism. It has the highest solar potential in Europe for many specialists, as indicated by George Georghiou, director of the FOSS Research Center for Sustainable Energy at the University of Cyprus.

Looking to the future, it is expected that this number of properties with photovoltaic panels will multiply by four in the coming years. It also includes commercial properties and residences for housing.

All this occurs within a framework of growth that has as guidelines different European programs, which grant special financing for those who wish to bet on renewable energies.

Photovoltaic solar energy

Photovoltaic solar energy is here to stay. For those who do not know well what it is, renewable energy is created from the direct transformation of radiation and light from the sun. The miracle is the transformation of this energy into electricity. This is achieved thanks to photovoltaic panels, which allow solar radiation to share photovoltaic cells. Today, solar energy is used both in companies and distribution networks and in cases of individual users.

Types of solar panels

There are different types of solar panels, the critical element in converting sunlight into photovoltaic solar energy. They are:

Photovoltaic: They are ideal for use in properties such as villas or residential houses. This type of panel is responsible for transforming the energy from the sun into electricity.

Thermal: these panels allow the transformation of energy from the sun into thermal energy, that is, into heat. They work best in direct sunlight situations when and with high temperatures.

Thermodynamic: these are panels that work at all times of the day, even when it rains or is cloudy. It would be a mixture of a photovoltaic panel with a thermal one, taking advantage of the two technologies to produce electricity and heat at the same time.

We must assume that solar energy is here to stay, auguring a great future in conserving the planet. Renewable energies are vital for present and future generations. Its importance must be considered and act, accordingly, promoting its use and implementation whenever possible.

As we explained in How to save money to buy a house (Read article How to save money to buy a house ), we believe that with renewable energies, something similar will happen. So, in addition to caring for the planet, saving energy will offer better opportunities when doing our accounts and having fewer monthly expenses.

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