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Find your dream property for sale at Limassol Marina, Cyprus - an ideal investment hotspot in a renowned tourist destination.

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Limassol Marina

Private Pool New Development


From • 35.39 kms



villa boasts a private elevator, rooftop garden with a pool, and BBQ area. Enjoy breathtaking city and sea views, total privacy, and an unbeatable location …

Title Deeds


From • 36.00 kms



Discover Avalon Gardens 2: a luxurious blend of studios, apartments, and villas nestled in the picturesque village of Emba, where comfort meets elegance.



for Sale • 2.31 kms



Apartment for sale in Zakaki, Limassol

Residential Furnished


Long term contract • 1.15 kms


Per month

Brand new two-bedroom apartment for rent in vibrant city center.

Residential Sea Views Title Deeds


for Sale • 45.25 kms



Stunning beachfront home with high-end finishes and breathtaking sea views.



for Sale • 36.17 kms



Plot of 532 m with provisions for electricity and water


Location and Accessibility Limassol Marina is easily accessible, situated at the heart of Limassol, Cyprus.

Closest Villages Nearby villages include Omodos and Platres, both within a 30-minute drive.

Historical Significance Limassol Marina stands on grounds steeped in history, blending Cyprus' rich past with contemporary luxury living.

Opening Hours The marina is open 24/7 for property owners and visitors.

It's well-connected by road, with ample parking, making it a convenient destination for both locals and tourists seeking prime real estate and leisure. These locales offer a glimpse into traditional Cypriot life, complementing the modernity of Limassol Marina's properties for sale. This area reflects the island's evolution from ancient to modern times, appealing to investors and history enthusiasts alike. Retail and food service hours vary, typically from 10:00 AM to 10:00 PM, ensuring flexibility for tourists exploring the area's real estate and attractions.

Ticket Prices Access to Limassol Marina is free, highlighting its role as a vibrant community hub and tourist place.

Amenities Offering high-end amenities, including restrooms, food services, and leisure facilities, Limassol Marina caters to all needs.

Disability Access Designed with inclusivity in mind, Limassol Marina provides full disability access across its properties for sale, amenities, and public areas, ensuring everyone can enjoy this prime real estate and tourist destination in Cyprus.

Nearby Attractions Adjacent to Limassol Marina, the medieval Limassol Castle, and the bustling Old Town district beckon.

Cultural Relevance Limassol Marina is not only a premier real estate investment opportunity in Cyprus but also a cultural hub, hosting various events and festivals that reflect the island's rich heritage and attract tourists to its vibrant lifestyle.

Safety and Regulations Prioritizing safety, Limassol Marina enforces strict regulations and security measures.

Certain events and attractions within the marina may have fees. Its properties for sale are synonymous with luxury, ensuring a comfortable visit or investment in Cyprus. These attractions enrich the cultural relevance of investing or residing in this luxurious real estate area. This ensures a secure environment for property owners, tourists, and investors alike, making it a trusted real estate and leisure destination in Cyprus.


Limassol Marina

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