A dog park is needed in every district of Cyprus

By viotopo News
A dog park is needed in every district of Cyprus

What is a dog park and why do we need them in all Cyprus districts? Dog parks are essential spaces for pets to exercise and have fun. For now, they favour the dog’s development and mental balance, thus avoiding aggressive behaviours.

They are recreational sites created to meet the physical, social, and environmental needs of canines; where they can run, exercise, play and live with other dogs or their owners. Likewise, they are places where owners can rest, read, or play with their pets, which also benefits both.

In some cases, they are sites with the necessary infrastructure and security characteristics for exhibition events, contests, events by race, styling workshops, courses, training, and many more. Without a doubt, a meeting point for all animal lovers.

It is good to know that in Cyprus there are very few dog parks in existence. We must add that there are also a few beaches ready to receive the dogs. Those that allow your visit, barely reserve a place for our pets and are in very remote places.

A well-designed dog park can offer a wide variety of benefits to its owners. For example, when a dog is in a period of socialization it must be taken and controlled so that it learns how it should behave and be educated based on the rule of habituation, with stimuli and without negative experiences.

Thus, to prevent the dog park from becoming a ring for dogfighting, it is checked that, at the first act of aggression, the dog or dogs involved in the fight must be removed.

It is important that they can be sized according to the public space where it is located, wide enough to allow the normal development of the animal and the comfort of its fork. They must be delimited on the perimeter, preventing the animal from entering or leaving through places not determined as accesses, and only when its keeper so decides.

It is worth remembering that the walk is particularly important for the dogs to exercise, release energy and meet other animals and people. When going out for a walk with your pets, do not forget to have the following items: collar, an identification tag with a phone number, leash, and a bag to collect the faeces. Remember that the only place where pets can be loose is in the dog parks.

More and more people have pets in their homes and the emotional and health care of dogs is essential. Hopefully, soon we can have enough dog parks in Cyprus for the joy of all our pets and the community.

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