Home Inspection Checklist in Cyprus Marketplace

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Home Inspection Checklist in Cyprus Marketplace

Buying a home is a significant arrangement. For many: one of the most important in their life. It is a decision long term that requires a lot of attention, information, and resolution. Without doubts, it is a great investment. Of course: when you buy a house, many times what you see is not exactly what you end up getting.

In any case, the important thing is to have a good estate agent, which allows us to evaluate investment opportunities from the real estate industry and know how to choose from a wide range of purchase opportunities. Cyprus real estate offers a lot of property for sale. In this scenario, it is vital to know that what we are buying in the property market is good.

It is a classic to find beautifully painted houses with gleaming floors and other decorative issues in the resale properties world. You often do not see cracks, a poorly installed wiring system, old pipes that were not changed, appliances in poor condition, and many other imperfections.

To avoid having a wrong time and regretting a lousy investment, it is best to carry out an inspection checklist of the property we will buy.

For now, this task must be done by a property in Cyprus expert. Some people are dedicated to this work, and they do it very well. The usual thing is that our real estate agent recommends to us a person who oversees this task. What is the inspection?

Preliminarily, the specialist will go through the house in its entirety. The information obtained will make a report with those questions that require immediate attention and everything that will need carrying out works once we have moved. Do not forget that we are making a vital decision: we are buying a property.

The property inspection report will allow us to know better if the investment we intend to make is worth making. A wide variety of alternatives may emerge from this report. On the one hand, negotiate a new price for the property. On the other hand, ask the property owner to make the necessary repairs before selling it.

The report must not be too long. But it should be direct and consistent. The checklist of a house should include high-quality information and the inspection of the following aspects: the foundation of the house, the roof, the gutters, the attic, the exterior paint, the electrical system, the entire heating, and cooling system, the plumbing and faucets, walls, ceiling and floor, doors and windows, balconies, stairs, and steps that are part of the house, walkways, garage, and basement.

Usually, an inspection does not take more than a couple of hours. For this inspection to be successful, it is imperative to take good photographs and the corresponding notes. The default questions are beneficial if you have questions that make sense to ask about the house's state.

In conclusion, it is not only about choosing a property on sale from the real estate market. Our real estate agent must advise us on much more than a lovely house and a reasonable price. The situation in which our dreams' home is settled must be good enough so that our decision does not turn into a nightmare.


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