Spring is coming: clean and organize

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Spring is coming: clean and organize

With the change of season come long days and the cleaning of our homes. It is time to shake off the winter dust and let the fresh, fresh air of spring into your home. It is ideal to face the house’s tune-up: the change of season is the right time to do a thorough cleaning.

After several cold months and with the house closed most of the time, the first thing we must do is ventilate it well. It is vital to open the windows wide, allow the light to enter, and that the air in all the rooms is completely renewed. One of the problems derived from having had the house closed for a long time is the accumulation of dust and mites. One of the typical cleaning mistakes is doing it messily. Experts recommend starting by vacuuming the floor. Once we have it ready, we clean from top to bottom to prevent dirt from falling on surfaces that you have already cleaned. And finally, scrub and dry.

It is essential to vacuum your entire home, as cleaning experts say. It is more effective than the broom, which moves dust and dirt from one place to another but does not eliminate it. In having balconies, terraces, or gardens, it is essential to remove the accumulated dirt to remain inside the house.

On the other hand, it is vital to check if the walls are filthy, especially those in the passageways. If they are painted with plastic paint, you must vacuum them and wipe them with a damp cloth to remove the dirt. In case a facelift is not enough, give them a coat of paint.

With spring arrival, the temperature will begin to rise, and the duvet will no longer be necessary at bedtime. Before storing it, the right idea is to take it to the dry cleaner to wash it and make it as right as new when the cold arrives. Also, take the opportunity to check the sheets and get rid of those worn.

Whenever possible, it is good to take advantage of the change of season to clean the house mattresses (they can also be vacuumed or use the home cleaning method of bicarbonate) and turn them so that they do not deform so much. Also, clean the pillows and cushions, which tend to accumulate more mites. Among other tasks to be done, do not forget to clean the storage furniture’s interior and the house’s major household appliances (washing machine, refrigerator, microwave, oven, extractor hood, among others).

Finally, it is an excellent time to throw away everything you do not need. According to Marie Kondo, a specialist in these issues and author of The Magic of Order, the infallible trick is to do it by categories (start with clothes, for example), leaving until the end the most personal objects that are the ones that are most difficult for us to detach.

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