What is the landlord's wide range of responsibilities?

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What is the landlord's wide range of responsibilities?

The Cyprus marketplace works similarly to other countries' resale properties markets in the world. Especially about responsibilities when renting a property or looking for investment opportunities. The law spells out precisely what the duties of the renter and landlord are when making repairs.

For now, it is critical to know that Cyprus real estate offers wide possibilities and high-quality rental properties. And in this context, also a wide variety of insurances, especially for luxurious properties. They allow tenants (and owners) to be protected against any damage or breakage that may occur. Always with the same objective: that the property is kept in optimal condition.

Still, it's not all just about paying for insurance. Tenants must carry out maintenance and cleaning tasks, which are usually contemplated in the rental contracts. An excellent real estate agent has to warn those who rent about these issues, so typical when renting a property in Cyprus.

For now, and by law, the landlord is responsible for all structural problems in the home. These can be: laying cables, heating, gas pipes and gas appliances, bathrooms, laundry rooms, and other sanitary, drainage, and ventilation accessories. The landlord also has to take care of the structure of the property. This includes ceilings, walls, stairs, and openings in general.

Depending on the property's location, it is essential to consider that insects or animals are harmful to health. This is why the landlord must ensure that the property is in a condition to be inhabited. And it is free of danger. For this, it is crucial to take measures on rats and all kinds of pests and moisture and mold, which also makes the property healthy.

The property can be maintained in the long term in an optimal state and free of vermin and insects. It is imperative to have specialists in the field. They have to fumigate the properties and apply the indicated poisons when necessary. This always without affecting the health of the people who live on the property.

It is also the responsibility of the landlord everything related to safety in electrical and gas installations. The person in charge of the facilities must be registered. Licensed estate agents who rent and understand the operation of the property market must verify that the license plates are duly noted in government offices in Nicosia or where applicable.

Another factor to take into account is related to fire safety. In recent years, the real estate industry has evolved a lot in this regard. Safety regulations that are constantly updated allow us to minimize the risk of fires. The most important thing is that they are being built with better quality and favors the tenants' safety.

We will close with a piece of information vital in the real estate market and the relationship between the tenant and the landlord. The property owner can access his property whenever he requires it to fulfill his legal responsibilities. When this happens, it is essential to give at least 24 hours' notice and that the visit occurs promptly. Of course: in the case of an actual emergency, the owner can access immediately, in the case of a gas leak, a fire, a flood, or similar situations.


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