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Paphos, Tala

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1280 m2
Building Density 25 %
Building Coverage 25 %

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About Paphos

For many people, Paphos is known as the city that has it all. In the Mediterranean Sea, it occupies a central place. And that is due to its economy, culture, beauty, beaches, history, and, of course, its people. According to UNESCO, its thousand-year-old tradition is present in every corner, which has among its archaeological riches several jewels considered a World Heritage Site. As we use to say, Cyprus is an island for all tastes.

The more than 70 thousand inhabitants of Paphos have their residences in the city and along the coast. This beautiful shoreline invites you to enjoy yourself as a tourist and especially as a resident. It is more than 50 kilometres of a unique coastline, ideal for leisure, relaxation and fun. Many of the best villas and houses are perched on the ocean, including beautiful condominiums and apartment buildings. For years, thousands of people from around the world have chosen Paphos as a place to live.

To say that Paphos has it all means choosing a place to live forever. More than 300 days of sunshine a year are just one of the many benefits found on the most charming island in the Mediterranean Sea.

In recent years, real estate offers in Paphos have multiplied enormously. Being a highly chosen vacation and retirement destination for those who stop working, Paphos offers alternatives to suit all tastes and pockets. In addition to the investment opportunities, it is about choosing an excellent lifestyle, as few places in Europe can offer. Investments in Cyprus continue to grow frankly, and any real estate agent knows it. That is why the island has excellent professionals ready to provide you with alternatives to choose which will be your next rest home in the Mediterranean.