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Contrary to what many believe, Limassol's history is relatively short compared to other towns in Cyprus. Its first settlement dates to the Third Crusade, after Richard the Lionheart destroyed the ancient city in 1191.

Today Limassol is the second-largest city on the island. It is a nerve centre with more than 240 thousand inhabitants where investment opportunities, culture, holidays, history, and much more converge. It has a large and active port. It is also a key industrial centre in the Cypriot economy. As if that were not enough, it is the wine region par excellence, offering some of the best wines on the island.

All this makes Limassol a favourable place for the real estate industry. Cyprus marketplace offers a wide range of houses, villas, apartments, studios, and commercial properties, with various alternatives available to all types of investors.

Why would one live in this city? There are many reasons. In addition to offering high-quality services, Limassol offers various activities based on its cultural tradition. All of this comes together in various museums and archaeological sites, many of them world-renowned.

All this in an environment conducive to business. Cyprus investment takes on particular relevance in Limassol, something reflected in the commercial exchanges carried out daily. The new port -the largest in Cyprus- shows a dynamic activity and is the exit door for the main exports of the island: wood, citrus fruits, wines, and grapes go to the main destinations of the Mediterranean Sea and the world, in a sample of economic power.

Like other sites on the island, Limassol has plenty of well-known historical sites. Among the most prominent are Berengaria Castle, Kolossi Castle (Read article Kolossi Castle in Limassol) and the famous ancient city of Amathus.

As we already told in a previous post, the Kolossi Castle is one of the most striking fortresses from the medieval era of Cyprus. It is essential to know that The Order of Malta began its construction in the 13th century. The castle is located 11 kilometres east of Limassol, on the shores of the city of Kolossi. It had great strategic importance in the Middle Ages, hosting facilities for sugar cane and wine production, one of Cyprus's main exports.

Several best-licensed estate agents believe that this city is the best to live in whenever looking for a mix between business and pleasure. When choosing a villa or an apartment in Cyprus for living, luxurious properties for sale and resale properties appear at the top of the best options to live in this city. For a market depressed in some segments due to the pandemic, an excellent investment is possible in this city that does not rest and shows its energy 24 hours a day.

Among many attractions, Limassol is famous for its endless carnival. Its tradition dates to time immemorial, and in its performances, it shows different pagan rites. Over time, this festival has been summoning people from other places who want to join the carnival fun. But invariably, tourists do nothing but participate in this carnival to the rhythm of the locals.

The wines

Cyprus is an island identified with wine for thousands of years. As we explained in Maratheftiko and other varieties of grapes in Cyprus (Read article Maratheftiko and other varieties of grapes in Cyprus). Thus, the expression of Ricardo Corazón de León of "It is the wine of kings and the king of wines" is marked by fire among lovers of Commandaria, probably the flagship strain of this region. Just think that it is from One of the oldest vines in the world (Read article One of the oldest wines in the world: Commandaria wine).

This is how this beautiful city is: vibrant and with a magnificent style of life, with beaches and places to entertain. And sites and locations for a business to make. With a historical centre that is worth visiting in its entirety and an active and bustling downtown. Limassol is undoubtedly a place to visit and, why not, to live. Cyprus real estate is growing on all the island and for sure has a great investment opportunity for you in this city that never sleeps.



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