Ayia Napa Sculpture Park


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Ayia Napa Sculpture Park

Ayia Napa is synonymous with beauty in Cyprus. Few Mediterranean denominations are so identified with the island. Located in the eastern part, south of Famagusta, Ayia Napa represents Cypriot magic in its entirety and has the origin of its name in a monastery. Ayia means "holy", and "Napa" means "wooded valley".

There are countless attractions in this region near Cape Greco, one of Cyprus's most famous places for its nature, caves, cliffs, and forests.

Among so many attractions, we find a very particular one: Ayia Napa Sculpture Park. What is it about? This park is a great project to promote art and culture, offering citizens and tourists a unique place to enjoy themselves.

The park covers 20,000 square meters in a beautiful area of bushes and rocks called Stronjilovounano. Pines, cypresses, terebinth, laurel, and other trees give a particular frame to the place.

The initiative to build this park came from Kikis Konstantinos, a lover of art and culture. The works of art found there were made by Cypriot sculptors, the vast majority on the Annual International Symposium on Sculpture occasion. The first edition was in 2014, and it served as a starting point for a series of similar events (four in total) that took place in the following years until the park's completion.

This project aims to promote art and culture, seeking young talents and renowned artists to express their feelings and creativity to the community. Many works stand out in the park, among which we can highlight the following:

Europe and Zeus: it is the work of the artist Mischa Pertsev. It is a composition made up of two figures, male and female. Together they achieve a unified force and demonstrate that nature is the basis of all life.

Exiles: the work corresponds to Beáta Rostás. We can see a man and woman strongly connected and embracing. The man protects his wife from any trouble, taking her luggage and moving on.

Hippopotamus: It is the work of Alex Welch. The river horse is expectant and watching with elegance, admiring everything that surrounds it.

Spiral: This work belongs to Tobel and is from 2016. The sculptor follows the stone's natural shape and movement, thus leaving the stone's outer body unchanged.

Vital space: its author is the artist Lorena Olivares. She invites you to the inner room with her work, feeling the heart of the stone, connecting you with the ancestral wisdom that exists within us.

Armonie of the modern world: the author is Gilles Vitaloni. The theme shows us that the world is carried by the architecture of the time. And so, the harmony and speed of the firms want to represent modernity and ideal serenity.

Organic Tryptic: This work belongs to Vincent Beaufils-Hourdigas. As the author says: "Before running into the fury of the torrents The water married the gold of the sun, Dreaming of a dormant lake, you will not want to wake up Before touching the sky."

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